Simple and Secure Solutions for Complex Problems

At Silakab Corp. in New York City, the various projects we develop are just a tool to achieve our clients’ business goals. But to get worthwhile results, cooperation and trust between a client and the company is essential.

For the Next Generation of Big Businesses

Our company delivers technologically focused solutions with the goal of fostering trusted business relationships. We can provide everything clients need for end-to-end development: security made simple, generate awareness, drive traffic, and connect with their users. All of our Silakab Corp. products can be seamlessly combined into a single-core platform. Alternatively, clients can choose a single component from our product catalog and use it to streamline business operations effectively.

Our Work Method

We keep things simple so clients can have a hassle-free experience when buying their desired product. In this way, our products and services can help your project succeed.

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Our Products

Have a look at our various technological solutions for your enterprise.

  • Winkel a one-size-fits-all e-Commerce platform solution.
  • Recurso Desk A suite of fully packed and completely integrated enterprise applications.
  • Njuten Technologies PVT LTD An ideal way to bring out state-of-the-art data solutions to fit your needs.
  • The Pipout A price-monitoring platform for online shoppers.
  • Grootbase Data Process and examine large and varied data sets using GrootBase Data.
  • Bytepay Start accepting all major credit or debit cards at anywhere and anytime.


Get Clearchek to ensure and safeguard your private data and all aspects of your identity within the digital realm from identity theft.
Clearchek is powered with the (O.T.S.) one tech solution patented blockchain / digital ledger technology platform. Patent number: 10878429
Clearchek will be able to expeditiously streamline your travel experience and requirements as you travel Domestically or Internationally.
Clearchek can also prove to be invaluable in the case of a medical emergency should the need arise.
Allowing Medical Professionals to have access to your Medical history and health needs thereby allowing the doctor to treat you appropriately without the need for guesswork if you or a loved one is unable to communicate.

Connect With Us

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