One Tech Solutions

Our Collection of Software Tools for Businesses

Silakab Corp., a company based in New York City, has created the One Tech Solution Core—an immutable and permanent solution tool stack. It is a collection of:

  • Mathematical Formulas
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Probabilities
  • Algorithms
  • Record-Keeping and Communication Procedures

This product is fully automated and can safely record digital transactions. The One Tech Solution Core makes it possible to securely trade digital assets with zero transaction cost.

One Tech Solution Suite

Enables users to store digital data assets like new trade products or information. This data can literally be anything and any volume.

About Silakab One Tech Solution Core

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The One Tech Solution Core (OTS-Core) implements the OTS Protocol to run a node which will participate in the network where the OTS-Core will be installed. It will also apply to every new machine required to run a node.

How We Can Help

We will work side by side with your team to build capabilities and instill a process that shows immediate and lasting impact. Our staff will empower our clients’ teams to deliver the products their customers need.

  • Silakab Portfolio: Build, run and manage modern apps on any cloud
  • Silakab Labs: Work with our teams to develop better products faster
  • OneVMware Silakab Labs: Master a modern way of building software

Hit The Ground Running

We work on what matters most from Day 1. Our company will partner with you to create dedicated platform teams and assess your entire portfolio. From there, we will determine where to innovate, where to modernize, and how to excel at both.

Learn By Doing: Best Practices

Immerse your teams in the modern methodologies and technologies that will deliver the products customers want. When our clients encounter similar problems in the future, they now have the tools and mindset to fix them.


When there are issues that need more than just tools, OneVMware Silakab Labs is at your service. We will help you build the right thing for users and get it into production.

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Integrating and Adapting OTS-Core for Your Business Operations

Our product design and engineering team use innovative techniques to create a prototype of the product idea. Then we initiate development. This way, we quickly receive user feedback that enables us to improve functionality to save on time and development costs.

OTS-Core Features

Setting this up provides users with the following options:

  • The ability to connect to a network and communicate with other nodes.
  • Have full control to configure the OTS-Core according to specific requirements.
  • Create your own snapshot of the blockchain.
  • Perform actions on the OTS-Core blockchain (e.g. with OTS Desktop Studio.)
  • Forge new blocks, (for active delegates).

Extra Notes

An instance of the OTS-Core and a OTS Peer can generally be defined by the following two statements:

  • A OTS-Core instance connected to a network is referred to as a OTS Node.
  • A OTS Node connected to other OTS Nodes is referred to as a OTS Peer.

Both statements refer to a machine. After installing and executing the OTS-Core, it now becomes a server. Subsequently, the server now participates in the network and provides the blockchain data to its clients.

Getting Started With OTS-Core

The OTS blockchain is a decentralized network that has many different servers/nodes. To set up the OTS-Core on a server, node operators are required. There are more than 100 nodes worldwide maintained by individuals, and these nodes communicate with the network. One example is these nodes broadcasting and receiving transactions—blocks—from others. These OTS nodes are also required to add new blocks to the blockchain. To view the live network statistics, access the OTS desktop blockchain explorer stats screen.

Who Should Operate a Node

We recommend to set up your own node if you:

  • Utilize exchanges and other services that rely on a stable API interface to the network
  • Delegate to others who have registered a delegate and want to actively mine blocks
  • Are a user who wants to have full control over their node

Why Operate a Node

  • 1 Have a private entry point to communicate with the network. This is important when running an exchange and implementing tokens.
  • 2 Acquire full control to configure the node to your specific requirements.
  • 3 Create snapshots of the blockchain
  • 4 Forge new blocks

OTS-Core Networks

It can be connected to different networks. Please note that there are two key accessible public networks. These exist independently of each other and are named the MainNet and TestNet.


Where the true OTS economy exists. Within this network the OTS users can transfer OSK tokens from one account to another, register accounts as delegates; and vote for other delegates or registered apps.


Independent replica of the OTS MainNet. Clients can test any upgrades before implementing them on the MainNet. Additionally, this is where new/updated versions and fixes of the OTS Core are tested.

OTS-Core Distributions

We currently support the following distributions:

  • 1 This is the default procedure to set up the OTS-Core. The Binary installation uses a simple and mostly automated procedure. This includes almost entirely automated update scripts coupled with selection tools to help seamlessly maintain an OTS node.
  • 2 Docker adds support for running a node with other platforms. One example is running an OTS node inside of a Docker in Windows or Linux OS. Then connecting it using a custom node on the OTS Desktop to OTS care without renting an additional server.
  • 3 Use OTS Commander to conveniently install and manage OTS-Core. Setup and manage your OTS node with OTS Commander. Currently supported platforms are Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) x86_64, Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) x86_64 and MacOS 10.12 and above.
  • 4 This is designed for anyone wishing to develop and code on the OTS-Core codebase. It also consists of an extensive test-suite. Please see more details in the README file. The installation from source enables a developer to work on the latest codebase for the OTS-Core, which may not yet have been tagged for a release.
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OTS-Core Snapshots

A complete backup of the blockchain. It can be used to speed up the syncing process. Instead of validating every transaction starting from the genesis block to the current block height, users can rebuild from a snapshot. By default, the OTS-Core Binary has a script that allows you to conveniently create your own snapshots.

6 Reasons Leading Companies Work With Silakab Corp.

Successful Outcomes

Our cloud-native technologies and modern practices have sparked major improvements in how companies design, develop, deliver, and operate software-and in how they run their business.

A trusted Partnership

OneVMware has supported the world’s largest companies in the virtualization of their data centers, changing how they run their business. Now, we’re leading these organizations through the next stage of their transformation.

Happy Teams

Attract and keep top talent-and deliver better software, faster. VMware Silakab Labs instills a culture of test-driven development, pair programming, user-centric design, and cloud native operations.

Cloud Neutrality

Run your applications where you want and scale them across infrastructure targets. Whatever your chosen architecture, get a consistent operational experience.

Embedded Security and Automation

Our products are highly automated and easy to use. Update components with no downtime, constantly rotate credentials, rebuild base infrastructure, and patch apps.

Package Expertise

We take mature packages and embed it into commercial products you can trust. Our company has contributed to a number of important projects such as:

  • Python
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • VMware RabbitMQ
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Python Fabric
  • Cluster API
  • Velero
  • Cloud Foundry

Leverage One Tech Solution
Potential to Reconstruct the World

Our company provides clients with basic knowledge about our potential applications and workings. We demonstrate how the OTS Core can transform your business or industry with our projects’ case studies.

OTS-Core Technology Stack

The core consists of four main technologies:

  • 1 Python handles all of the core software changes for the backend operations, including the mathematical computations. The logging system is communicated following the exact rule-sets. The protocol used in P2P communication between OTS-Core nodes determines if the nodes have the compatible protocol implemented.
  • 2 Node.js is the underlying engine for the code’s execution in the OTS-Core. It executes the JavaScript code server-side. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it lightweight and efficient.
  • 3 PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system. It has more than 30 years of active development and has earned a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance. All Information on the OTS Mainchain is stored inside the PostgreSQL databases.
  • 4 Redis is an open source in-memory data structure store. The Core uses it to cache API responses, preventing performance drops in the application. For example, when the same API request is sent repeatedly.
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Launching The OTS-Core With Silakab Corp OneVMWare

Transform Your Business, Not Just Your IT

Master the art of building software your customers love and then use our portfolio of products to run it on any cloud.

Own Your App Modernization Journey

To win in today’s free market, business owners need to invest in their people and technology. Some ways to do this are by:

  • Adopt agile, cloud-native development methods and tools
  • Free up teams to take on complex challenges
  • Upgrade legacy systems to new cloud-native runtimes

This kind of transformation at an enterprise scale isn’t easy. But with OneVMware, you can accelerate the pace of change. We’ll help rethink the way your business operates and turn it into a next-generation enterprise.

Make OneVMware Work For You

  1. Developers - Build innovative products with your favorite frameworks and deploy them to a highly available, scalable environment.
  2. IT Operations - Reliably and securely run all your apps on any cloud. Spend less time on manual patching and more time practicing automation.
  3. Business Leaders - Energize your organization and increase productivity by modernizing your business for the cloud native era.

OneVM Product Development

We need to build new apps our users will love

Common Challenges

  1. Our innovation has slowed, and startups are winning market share.
  2. Our teams are focused on project tasks, not product backlogs.
  3. Our teams aren’t releasing software fast enough.
  4. Our teams aren’t certain they’re building the right apps for users.

How We Can Help

Build the right thing the first time. In time, clients will learn how to use agile development to deliver products their customers want. Refocus your teams around a new mindset and processes that validate your concepts and get them from idea to production in days.

OneVM Platform Development

We built a platform that supports our DevShed.

Common Challenges

  1. Spur productivity using OneVMware
  2. Operational burden is skyrocketing and clients can’t apply security patches quick enough.
  3. Scale usage of the platform to dozens of teams instead of a few early adopters.

How We Can Help

Run your platform at scale and make life better for your developers. Learn the new rules of cloud ops so you can ramp up your success with OneVMware. Assign a dedicated team to run the platform like a product that continuously evolves to meet your business’s needs.

OneVM App Modernization

We need to modernize our apps for the cloud

Common Challenges

  1. Our applications have monolithic architectures that hinder velocity.
  2. We need to update our apps to take advantage of cloud elasticity.
  3. Our legacy apps are driving up tech debt and operations costs.

How We Can Help

Go beyond lift and shift. We can help you quickly assess business-critical applications so you can start migrating legacy software immediately. Make the applications that matter more reliable, accessible, and scalable.


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