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Technological Infrastructure for Data-Driven Demands

Silakab Corp. in New York, NY offers the infra perspective, which caters to future demands on data center services. The smart contract capability of a blockchain lends itself well to different “rules-based” operation and management functions including:

  1. Capacity Planning
  2. Cooling
  3. Asset Management
  4. Virtualization

A blockchain-based management system would deliver enhanced transparency and cost savings in terms of operations if used to accomplish the tasks above. Data are distributed across nodes (peers) transaction- out record-keeping.

Our Process

We analyze your existing solutions and discover if it can be migrated to the One Tech Solution Infra. Then our team will assess the business procedures and identify where our product can be applied to our client’s specific use case.

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Modernizing the Technology Infrastructure

Deliver better software and technology to production by upgrading applications and infrastructure. Clients will experience freedom for their apps and simplify their dev operations.

  • Ship great software faster
  • Simplify multi-node network and cloud operations
  • Transform Dev and Ops together
  • One Tech Solutions Capabilities
  • Unified Multi-cluster Operations

Ship Great Software Faster

Our clients can use their favorite DevOps tools such as Python, Django, and the Node.js framework to build and deploy micro-services. Extend your apps with other verified technology and software. See the real impact of code in production with full-stack observability.

Simplified Multi-Node Network and Cloud Operations

Prepare your infrastructure for modern apps with consistent Kubernetes, Docker, and Fabric everywhere. Observe, analyze, and operate image-based infrastructure and the services running on it to gain efficiencies and optimize costs.

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Transform Development and Operations Together

Save time and effort modernizing apps. Get hands-on with public, private, hybrid, consortium cloud-native practices. Run any modern applications platform with One Tech Solution.

Unified Multi-Cluster Operation

Get decentralized management and security of VMware machine ware infrastructure and modern apps. Multi-cluster management—built on visibility, governance, and automation—can drive operational efficiency and deliver unified user experiences.

  1. Multi-Cluster Setup
  2. Scalable Cryptographic Storage
  3. Crypto Key Generator Algorithm
  4. Hyper Ledger Operations

and many more.
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